Gamblers Anonymous 

Gamblers Anonymous has been a safe space for recovering gambling addicts since 1957. It is a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength, and hope.


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Art Direction · Design · Branding

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Refreshing without disrupting

When researching Gamblers Anonymous, I realized how different each local chapter looked. It was as if they were all independent organizations and the lack of cohesiveness in the brand really hurt their reach. People seeking were help confused and hesitant to join, as they weren’t sure if their local chapter was official or not. The books and milestone pins provided by the organization were also completely detached from the brand and often didn’t even include the logo causing further confusion.


When changing the logo, I knew it was important to not deviate too far from the original so as to not  alienating people who have been a part of the organization for a long time. There was a level of attachment to the existing logo, so I took care in reworking the mark, converting the letterforms into graphical shapes and making sure to keep the silhouette the same. This allowed the mark to work at a much smaller size and gave the brand flexibility.

With the two shapes defined, I further explored how the two shapes could be used in different scenarios. Unity and Recovery are the two programs that Gamblers Anonymous offers to people who are seeking help, so I experimented with how I could take the shapes in the mark to create a sub-brand for each program.

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Creating an ownable system

I designed a system that gave Gamblers Anonymous a consistent look and feel across all chapters, platforms, and materials. By simplifying the logo down to basic shapes, it became much more flexible, working well on books, posters, pins, and online. I created sub-brands for Gamblers Anonymous’ two programs, Unity and Recovery, and made brand guidelines to help chapters stay consistent in their messaging.

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A more flexible system that allowed Gamblers Anonymous to connect with a wider audience, enabling them to better reach out to those in need.